1. Scope These general conditions of sale are applicable to all orders. entered into by the buyer with the seller and to all our sales contracts, in this including all ancillary services. These general conditions of sale exclude, in the absence of written acceptance by the seller, all general conditions and particulars of the buyer's purchase. No derogation from these conditions general sales will not be accepted without written confirmation from the seller. Any order will only be accepted by the seller by written confirmation from this to the buyer or by the actual delivery of the products. Unless proof otherwise, the buyer acknowledges having received a copy of these conditions general sales.

2. Price and payment Unless otherwise stated, our prices are exclusive of VAT. The sale price is price indicated on our prices in force on the day of the conclusion of the sale or placing the order. Unless expressly waived, a deposit of (part not published in the evaluation version of the contract). In order to pay for the products sold, the seller reserves the right to demand the constitution, at its option, of additional guarantees, such as in particular, the payment by draft, delivery of a certified check or creation of a bank guarantee. The buyer authorizes the seller to revise the agreed overall price up to a maximum amount of 80% of this price depending on the increase, between conclusion of the sale and its execution, the actual cost of the following parameters: goods, raw materials, wages, energy and price variation between currency of purchase of raw materials and / or goods and the currency of sale products, it being understood that these parameters apply up to the part of the price corresponding to the cost they represent.

Unless otherwise stipulated, all our invoices are payable in Euro, at the head office seller's social security (part not published in the evaluation version of the contract). Any complaint relating to the invoice must be notified to the seller at the latest within 15 days of receipt, failing which it will not be taken into account. In the event of non-payment of any invoice by the due date, the buyer will be liable to the seller, as of right and without prior notice, the interests of a amount equal to the following rate: - 10% if the buyer is not acting for professional purposes; - the rate mentioned in article 5 of the law of 2 August 2002 on the fight against late payment in commercial transactions. Any unpaid invoice on the due date will result in the debit, as of right and without formal notice, a fixed compensation (part not published in the valuation version of the contract) of the amount in principal, interest and costs with a minimum amount of EUR 75. In the event of judicial recovery of any invoice, the buyer will also be liable for reasonable collection costs, such as attorney's fees and internal management costs that exceed the amount of this compensation lump sum. In the event of non-compliance by the buyer with a single payment deadline, for whatever reason, all subsequent settlements will apply when placing the order from the Civil Code. In addition, (unpublished part in the evaluation version of the contract) the execution of other orders in course until full payment of the amounts due.

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