The Most Important Part of Writing an Essay

Writing an essay has been common and useful for many people. From being a student up to being employed, essays are vital. It is a piece of writing that is made to persuade readers about the subject or topic. It can also inform readers about certain information related to the topic being discussed. It is difficult to produce a good essay. There are different parts that need to be present in the writing piece. There are also skills needed to create a good and interesting essay. The most important part of writing an essay is that it should have all the needed parts so that the idea that you are trying to convey will be whole and understood.

5 Important Parts of an Essay

1. Introduction

In this part, you need to make a catchy opening statement so you can quickly grab the attention of the readers. This should have a summary of what your topic is about. It should also state what the essay is trying to prove. Most of the time, essays create an argument, and this is where you will place your ideas and opinion about a subject.

2. First Body Paragraph

This is the part where your strongest point is written. It is where the argument will be presented, described and introduced. This is to make the readers know where the essay is heading to.

3. Second Body Paragraph

This part should connect your point to the argument that you are trying to convey. The transition should include sentences and ideas that will support your point and argument. This will also further explain the topic and your point of view on the argument.

4. Third Body Paragraph

This is where your weakest point should be written. There is no need to put in lots of examples and views in this part as you would want to highlight your strong points more. In the end, make a sentence that will give hint to your readers that this is your last point.

5. Conclusion

This is an important part of the essay. It should be able to restate the topic and argument but in a different manner. This will help the readers recall what the point of the essay is about.
Keep in mind that the most important part of essay writing is that all the parts are well written. Choose a topic you know a lot about. You should research to produce good and strong points in your writing. Essays will be a good piece when it can persuade readers about your point.
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