What Are Some of Your Beliefs or Opinions on Marriage?

Family life has many advantages. It fills our lives with meaning, gives happiness, a sense of spiritual comfort, makes us healthier, and improves sleep. At the same time, the psychology of family life is not so simple. Those who dream about a wedding dress and honeymoon today, tomorrow they'll shed tears about their haste. One of the reasons for mistakes is that we don't understand what the other wants.

The Way People Understand Each Other

How to overcome doubts and fears? First of all—support healthy self-esteem and try to look at the situation from time to time through your partner's life. If you are a woman, there is a risk of falling into dependence on her partner, losing her personality. Subconscious anxiety because of your position, can make you imaginative, distrustful, and jealous. If you have noticed these manifestations, try to understand yourself: do you have real reasons to doubt your partner? Remember: sometimes he also can be tough to deal with his troubles, and your support will help him feel better in the role of a family man, to find a source of strength and increase self-esteem. If you are a man, you should be more attentive and sensitive. Just talk, take an interest, ask her what's in her heart, it will show that you care about her feelings, you are there for her and ready to be part of her life. You don't have to play the cool guy and try to hide your problems: it will only create an atmosphere of alienation.

Changing Expectations

Recent research shows that for men and women today, spousal reliability and security are no longer key factors. It is now more critical for them to match their educational and intellectual choices, views, and tastes. In other words, relationships are no longer determined by external attributes such as status and reputation, but by personal qualities such as our thoughts and feelings. However, if we move from general preferences to specific solutions, it turns out that it is not that simple. But meeting people online, for example, on the dating website well hello, can simplify your partner’s searching.

New Opportunities or New Challenges?

Even if both partners have the same attitude towards marriage, it does not mean that they will not be disappointed in the future. A woman in family life finds a new source of self-realization. Marriage is valuable in itself, along with all its attributes: children, home comfort. The partner becomes part of this picture and its creator: he is expected to participate and be involved. In family life, a man sees first and foremost the opportunity to be with the one he loves. At the same time, he is more inclined to avoid or delay marriage if he believes it will require a radical change in his behavior, tastes, and habits. A man is afraid that with the new role of husband and head of the family, he will lose his former life, friends, and freedom. Marriage also means higher expectations for him, which becomes an additional source of stress. A man strives to be on top, to feel stable and reliable. Marriage becomes a new challenge, a test of strength. Finally, the man is characterized by the fear that marriage will change their relationship with a loved one, depriving them of their previous passion, and the birth of a child puts him in second place.